About Madepaid

Where anyone can name the price for their risqué photographs.

Madepaid is the first of its kind, giving the models the power to set their desired prices for the risqué photographs that many of his or her followers/ supporters would gladly pay for if the opportunity was given. On Madepaid any person over the age of 18 can request any $ amount that they wish to achieve and it is our goal as the service provider to help you reach those goals within an agreed upon timeframe. Visitors to the site, who also must be 18+ years of age can offer any denomination to help the Madepaid model get closer to his or her set amount. At the end of the agreed upon timeframe if the goal is reached the Madepaid model must produce the appropriate photos set forth in his or her contract. Models will then collect their earned goal minus administration fees, they also will have the ability to donate their acquired goals. It is the belief of the Madepaid creators that every person has a number that they would want to agree upon to produce such content, so why not try your luck with us and market yourselves to all your social media followers and our unique visitors. It is our goal to help you start a new career, be able to invest in your future, or simply pay off debt.